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Canada College of Education (CCE) really helped me achieve what I wanted and even more than that! I never thought that I can get 8.0 out of 9.0, but with the great help I got from CCE and the teachers there it all became true. Thanks again.
My name is Milad

Majority of students have writing problems. We offer effective Writing methods to quickly overcome the problem.



Why the success rate is high CCE?

The lowest course fee promotion only at 11th Floor
4 WEEKS GUARANTEED PASS or repeat the course free!

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Our ESL Program is accredited by Languages Canada

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Visitors and international students are paying the same fees as the Canadian students!

Check with Toronto's IELTS Experts Before Booking an Exam!

Obtain IELTS Score 7.0 or Plus
free french You will understand how to write impressive essays
free french You will be exposed to the real exam every week
free french Covers four components (Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening)
free french All grammatical mistakes will be highlighted, corrected every time
free french You will be evaluated by our IELTS instructors weekly
free french You will learn how to scan and skim the texts in an efficient way
free french No HST Taxes
free french All Teachers are native English speakers
free french Mock Exam is available! It helps to pass exam with confidence
free french You will learn how to correctly interact with the IELTS Examiner

Trial Lessons:
The first class will be considered as a trial lesson. If for any reasons the first class (Trial session) does not meet your expectation, you need to notify administration right after it ends, NOT a day or days after trial session. In such case we will refund your tuition fee, no questions asked.

The $25 CDN nonrefundable registration fee applies (only once) and as long as you are studying at CCE you will never pay registration fee again!

4 WEEKS PASS YOUR TEST GUARANTEED or repeat the course free once!

Condition to register for GUARANTEED PASS at LOW FEE:
1- Your English (ESL level) must be at intermediate level or higher.
2- You have to attend classes with no absent and be on time (Punctual).
3- All assignments and homework must be done on time.

If you did not pass the exam (show the result) and fail to achieve your desire goal (score) then you can repeat the 4-WEEK course absolutely free of charge once. In case of repeat a course, it has to be less than 30 days after your IELTS exam. The Mock exam will not be repeated.

Ielts Toronto

My name is Kiyo; I took an IELTS course at Canada College (CCE). The teacher encouraged me to study hard, taught me with passion and made me believe the success. As a result, my score was drastically improved. I couldn't have done [Score 8.0] without taking this course. Thank you for the staffs and the teachers made it possible to have total 8.0 bands on IELTS.

Our past performance has shown that it is really easy to achieve score 7.0 or more!


Why passing rate is high?

Complete IELTS Courses (in Group)
Complete IELTS Preparation (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing)
Tu & Th 6:30pm - 8:30pm
4 weeks
April 22
IELTS Mock EXAM (4 Components)
3 hours
Tu & Th 6:30pm - 8:30pm
4 weeks
April 23
4 Weeks IELTS GUARANTEED PASS or REPEAT it free + Mock Exam
Tu & Th 6:30pm - 8:30pm
4 weeks
April 23
ESL Classes plus IELTS Preparation course
10:00am to 2:00pm(daily)
4 weeks
April 22
ESL Classes plus IELTS Preparation course + Mock Exam
10:00am to 2:00pm(daily)
4 weeks
April 22
Combination of Group & private lessons (12 hrs private + Group)
Tu & Th 6:30pm - 8:30pm

There might be other schedules that are not listed here. You can call us to find out a suitable schedule.

apply admission

For the better result students may register for IELTS as private lessons low fee and flexible schedule.
The price is lowered and schedule is manageable therefore the tuition is affordable for every budget.

Complete IELTS Courses (Private Lessons) at half price
Total Fee
12 hours Complete IELTS Preparation Course
Flexible schedule
12 hours Complete IELTS Preparation Course + Mock Exam
Flexible schedule
4 weeks GUARANTEED PASS or Repeat Course Free once (12 hrs private)
Flexible schedule
4 Weeks SUPER GUARANTEED PASS Group & 12 hrs private lessons
Evening & days
12 hours Complete IELTS Preparation Course plus 4 hours writing (16 hrs)
Flexible schedule
12 hours Complete IELTS Preparation course plus 8 hours writing (20 hrs)
Flexible schedule
30 hours Special IELTS Preparation Courses and Mock Exam
Flexible schedule
30 hours University Preparation Courses - Writing Essay
Flexible schedule


IELTS Test Preparation: At our IELTS Center we will test students every week to identify their particular weaknesses. The experienced instructors will test you and help you to strengthen your ability. the writing part of test will be corrected by a native English instructor at extra time for free.
You will be tested for Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening before entering to the real exam.

My Speaking and Listening are not good, what should I do?

If you feel that your English is not good enough to take IELTS courses, you may consider taking ESL classes. At CCE we provide different level of ESL classes.
You can improve your four language skills before taking IELTS classes.

Can I repeat the same course?
Yes you can repeat the course as many times as you want and when you repeat the same course you will get 10% discount.

Mock Exam
What is a mock exam? It’s an exam given to students often under the same conditions as the real exam. It identifies how you would do in the real exam and it prepares you to perform test under the same conditions and discipline. Usually, at CCE, mock exams (pre-exams) start about a week prior to the real exam. It useful to remove test stress , exam anxiety, panic and to get an idea of time management.

Develop your self-confidence by taking a Mock Exam!

mock exam Eliminates or at least reduces the stress of the exam
Ask for Mock Exam Flexible Schedule!
mock exam Become familiar with all type of questions
mock exam Know how to manage the time during exam
mock exam Identify your weaknesses and strengths
mock exam Gives you confidence during the real exam
mock exam

Finally you will be completely ready for the real IELTS exam

Combination of IELTS Preparation course and the Mock Exam give a significant boost to your future success.

Complete Mock Exam at real condition 3:15 hours = $125 at flexible schedule (Book it now!)
Listening 40 minutes
Reading 1 hour
Writing 1 hour
15 minutes break
Speaking ( 11- 14 minutes)
In addition to the Mock Exam, you will get advice from the IELTS instructor.


Note: there is no HST taxes, and no international student fee on all IELTS courses. The price is really affordable.

Class size: It depends on the seasons, but classes are between 4 to 12 students (less or more). We are known for achieving High Scores.

Canada College of Education is registered under HRDC. You might be eligible for the tax deduction.

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