English For Business Program

CCE’s Business English course is designed for advanced-level English students who wish to improve their written
and spoken communication skills, especially in the context of the workplace.

English for Business

This course familiarizes students with effective communication methods in today’s business environment, with a focus on using the appropriate business language, vocabulary, and written and spoken etiquette. It covers both in-person and online work and situations. This course is designed to rapidly improve students’ business communication and social English skills.

The program will cover a broad spectrum of topics (please see list below), or students may choose one or two topics to focus on (resume-building and interview skills, for example). The course can be tailored to your specific needs.

Once you have completed the entire course, you will receive your Certificate of Course Completion.

The English for Business course is offered as a series of private lessons, and the schedule is entirely flexible. Morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend time slots are available. Please indicate your availability when you register for the program.

What You Will Learn

Resume building
Preparing for an interview
Meeting and Greeting People in Business
The Elements of Politeness in Business Interactions (Business Expressions)
Engaging in Conversation (Social Interaction)
Asking Questions in Business-Formatted Structures
The Language of Negotiating

Job Interview Techniques
Customer Service
Effective Short Presentations
Describing Strengths and Weaknesses of Management
Taking, Leaving and Responding to Messages
Professional Business Correspondence
Organizational Behavior
How to say Negative Things in a Positive Way

Culture and Cultural Differences
How Culture Involves the Way We Speak (in Business situations)
Schedules, Plans and Timetables for Business
Importance of Business Punctuality
Expressions, Idioms, Vocabulary Required in Business
Agreements and Handshakes in Business
Protocol of Business Agreement (Writing)
Email Correspondence

Program Fees

12 hours Level 1 Certificate of completion$599
24 hours Level 2 Certificate of completion$945
Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $50