General English Language Program ESL at Canada College Of Education Toronto.

GROUP | General English Language Program (ESL)

Our English as a Second Language program is suitable for students of all levels – from beginners to advanced learners.
We offer both group and private classes to suit your level and your schedule.
Our full-time group programs are suitable for students who will be applying for their study permits.

It’s Time To Reach Your Full Potential!

Begin your class today under the guidance of a Canadian English teacher.

Work with your own personal English trainer.

Our friendly and inviting classroom atmosphere will help you stay motivated to study.

We Support Learners Of All Skill Levels, From Beginner To Expert!

This Is How We Can Assist You:

✓ With our customized lessons created based on your goals and objectives, you can concentrate on what you need.

✓ Never again miss a class! Convenient classes scheduled in accordance with your schedule.

✓ Our team of Canadian English experts will help you with your pronunciation in private lessons.

✓ Increase your skill levels more quickly than in our group lesson environment.

✓ Decide what you want to focus on! Business English? Conversation classes? Want to improve your pronunciation & vocabulary building?

What Our Classes Cover:

  • Our friendly and experienced instructors provide students with the tools they need to develop their Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing skills
  • Small class sizes ensure each student is able to get the support they need
  • Students will gain confidence and learn how to converse with native English speakers more effectively
  • Lessons place emphasis on correct grammar usage and vocabulary-building to take learning to the next level
  • Workbooks, student materials, and customized assignments are all included in the course fee.

ESL From Beginner to Advanced Level

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BeginnerOnline /in-class15Monday-Friday
Every Monday1-48 Weeks$135
Low intermediateOnline/in-class15Monday-Friday
09 Jan 20231-48 Weeks$135
BeginnerIn-Class20Reserved for
Group by agents
Flexible1-48 Weeks$199
IntermediateOnline20Reserved for
agent Group
Flexible1-48 Weeks$199
TBA1-48 Weeks$199
All courses can be On-line or in-class or Both Low Price and No tax- Free Materials.
Get more discount when you paid
for 16 or more weeks in advanced!
One Time Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $50
International Students Study Permit
Admission Fee: $125 (All Inclusive)
Tuition fees are the same for all students. No Tax