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Local Students

Local students: who reside permanently in Canada, those who are in Canada on an existing work or visitor visa, and anyone who would like to take an Online or In-person Class is considered a local student.
If you need a Letter of Admission, please apply as an International Student.
One-time non-refundable registration fee of $50 applies to all new local students.
If you have chosen private lessons, please indicate your preferred availability for your lessons.
To register for a class, please fill out the form below and send it to us at

International Students

International students are those who intend to apply for a study permit to complete their program in Canada, as well as those already in Canada on an existing study permit who are looking to extend their Canadian enrollment.

A one-time non-refundable admission fee of $125.00 plus 4 weeks tuition fee deposit of $599 for total of $724 applies to all international students. Registration will include a Letter of Admission LOA.
Please send your completed 4-page registration form, along with your photo and copy of the photo
page of your passport to

What You’ll Need To Apply for Study Permit?

1- Easy steps, Just fill-in the Registration Form and make your payment.

2- During 3 business days you will receive a letter of admission (LOA).

3- Apply for Study Permit to the IRCC (Please check your financial situation before applying to IRCC).

Are You An International Student?

International students can apply for Study Permit, when they registered for full-Time (ESL or FSL).

At this time we reduced the tuition fee, so it will be affordable for students. We required only a non-refundable $125 for Letter of Admission. In case of IRCC acceptance, and you came to Canada, you need to pay month by month.

Notice: we can issue a letter of admission for any duration(12, 26, 48 weeks …).

You can deposit more funds to proof of your financial situation . Please note that if you need the second LOA then it costs non-refundable $75.

You Can Apply For Your Study Permit Online!

The IRCC now requires that prospective students apply for their study permits/visas online. You will need to have your ID, passport and Letter of Admission ready before you apply.

See the IRCC website for more information or to apply for your study permit.

Methods of Payment
we accept these methods:

1- Cash In Person

2- Interact e-Transfer

Our Email:

3-credit or debit – credit card

4-Personal Cheque (it may takes 2 weeks to be clear)

5- Wire Transfer

Call us: 416-926-0540

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Visit our FAQ section to find answers! Visit our School Policies section for more information about accommodations, student visas, our classes and refund policy.

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